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Denver Custom Bakery 


From my earliest childhood experiences of rolling out Potica dough with my mom (a sweet Slovenian bread filled with yumminess) to the first time I perfected a French Macaron, baking has always my favorite hobby. I became obsessed with the science behind baking and understanding the effects of each ingredient.  I also loved the way that art could be transferred to a cake or sugar cookie.  Although my hands were always in the kitchen, I eventually pursued a degree in mathematics and began a career in finance.


In 2017, I decided to pursue my passions on my sweetest adventure yet: starting Brickle Bakery (formerly Sweet Madeleine’s Bakery).

Brickle Bakery is a perfect way to celebrate every milestone. I work with each client individually to develop a collection of sweets that are personalized for every theme and occasion.

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